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  1. EAP350v2 1.6.50 Release Notes

    It's for WPA2 vulnerability issue.
  2. You can get v2.0.361 from here: Where did you get v3.0.0?
  3. Does EUB9630H support monitor mode and packet injection in Linux?
  4. EnShare Exploit Firmware fix

    My one doesn't have any issue after upgrade, can you get into recovery mode with IP address and upgrade firmware again?
  5. No 29dbm (only 28) on ECB1750

    Their HQ web site shows 28dBm.
  6. ENH1750EXT Unstable

    What is the firmware version, and what kind of 2.4G client are you using?
  7. The Mesh AP mode is an mesh point with wireless AP function.
  8. You can try to search a tool called "Locator" on Google, it can help you to find the IP of EnGenius AP in your local area network.
  9. Try to clear web browser's cache or do reset to default on AP.
  10. ECB300 SSID disappears

    Any new client join your wifi network recently?
  11. ENH500 WDS Bridge

    Did you type the correct MAC address on each ENH500?
  12. May be you can try WDS station mode.
  13. EnStationAC Channel 60

    I tried FCC and ETSI firmware, both firmware works after un-check green. BTW, after save the setting, did you click the "Changes" on the top right hand corner and then click "Apply"?
  14. EnStationAC Channel 60

    My one works fine with channel 60 after un-check green, my firmware version is 2.0.104.