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  1. Any new client join your wifi network recently?
  2. Did you type the correct MAC address on each ENH500?
  3. May be you can try WDS station mode.
  4. I tried FCC and ETSI firmware, both firmware works after un-check green. BTW, after save the setting, did you click the "Changes" on the top right hand corner and then click "Apply"?
  5. My one works fine with channel 60 after un-check green, my firmware version is 2.0.104.
  6. Try email
  7. You can try EnGenius free NMS software - EZ Controller
  8. Did you do reset to factory default after firmware upgrade?
  10. Which device are you using ENS202 or ENH202?
  11. I suggest use 2 x ENH500, set one as an AP and another one as Client Bridge.
  12. You can try to search a tool called "Locator", it can help you to find the IP of EnGenius AP in your local area network.