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  1. SFP slot issues

    I have brought 6 pcs EGS2110P switches when i am inserting SFP module in the SFP slot-1 switches going out of network even all PoE ports stopped to work. Please help me...... Thanks
  2. EGS2110P not supported for SFP slot-2

    I have 6 pcs EnGenius PoE switches EGS2110P. Whenever i am trying to insert the SFP module on SFP slot-2 the PoE switch going out of network and stop to work. But if i am inserting SFP module after boot up the PoE switch is working fine. But when power is going off and again power ON PoE switch not coming in the network even not able to use any single port of LAN port also. Is there any setting in the PoE switch or its a compatibility issue with SFP module....?