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  1. Please call tech support. Ask for version 12.8 (My previous version 12.5) Version 12.5 provides a 502 error. Apparently a routing issues or page redirect issue within nginx
  2. Captive Portal_Redirect to External URL

    Agreed. Not well thought out. There needs to be some routing added to ezmaster to get splash page to work as well.
  3. I see there are conditions where I can limit the bandwidth per SSID based on private networks. But I see no such settings for guest network where its needed more than on the private network. If I have mobile workers using a ssid for work and 100 users on the guest side, Don't you feel that the guests will consume all the bandwidth leaving the workers who actually need it left empty handed ?
  4. After firing up two new EWS660AP's I had to contact support to get new firmware as Guest mode wouldn't route. So with this being said we already know the engineers are being sloppy in their testing before releasing firmware that should be tested. With this to the side. Lets ask.. Since Guest mode is designed to keep Guest from seeing or interacting with the private network. Why in the world would captive portal point back to the IP address of EZ-master ? Not only are we immediatly giving away the IP Scheme of our private network, But we are also providing direct access back to our private network from the guest side ??? Captive portals main mechanism is used for alerting guest to the fact that they are indeed on a guest network and their activity may or could be monitored when used. Or to alert them that their access may even be restricted from certain content. With this in mind. Don't you feel that traffic should be kept inside on the Guest network until the user agrees to your terms. Engenious, Please fix the fact that this doesn't work as well as your thought process in keeping this traffic seperate.