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  1. I noticed this recent activity on this thread that I started with my question. Although perhaps totally unhelpful, I thought I'd update with my current status here. The EAP350 WDS Bridge ultimately proved unreliable in my environment (even after the UP/DOWN status display was fixed up). I believe the blame is down to my local RF environment wherein a 2.4GHz scan returns about 40 access points competing for bandwidth. I ended up getting two new EAP600's and created a 5GHz WDS Bridge. (A 5GHz scan returns one other station so I'm using the available non-competing 5GHz channel.) This has worked great without a single known drop-out in over six months of operation.
  2. Thanks for your prompt reply. I no longer have the original file for the 1.5.4 firmware upgrade, but I used the standard USA "Downloads" page, so I'm pretty certain that the firmware is the same as currently available on the EnGenius Tech site, i.e. eap350-fcc-v1.5.4.0.bin. In the meantime, I discovered that my new EAP350 is also hardware version 1 (per interior sticker), even though it came preloaded with firmware version 1.6.43. Following my original posting, I started to notice wireless client connection drop-outs with the original EAP350. This seemed to be correlated with having the WDS Link active. I have now switched the two EAP350's, so that the new one (FW 1.6.43) is the WDS Access Point (with wireless clients), and my original one (FW 1.5.4) is the WDS Bridge (no wireless clients). So far, the connection drop-outs have not recured. One other side effect of this switch: the original EAP350 (v1.5.4) did show the WDS Link Status as UP for a while. I just checked it again, and it has reverted to showing that status as DOWN even though I am showing connectivity to the bridged LAN segment.
  3. I've been using an EAP350 (the original hardware version with firmware v1.5.4) as an Access Point for several years. Recently, I needed to setup a WDS bridge. I purchased another EAP350 (this time the new hardware version with firmware v1.6.43). The original EAP350 is now a WDS Access Point, while the new EAP350 is the WDS Bridge (no wireless clients). Everything is working great. However, when I display WDS Link Status on the original EAP350, the WDS link is shown as DOWN. On the new EAP350, the WDS Link Status is shown correctly as UP. As indicated, the WDS bridge link itself is working great (streaming full HD video with no glitches as all). The system logs confirm the WDS association. Clearly, the WDS Link Status on the original EAP350 is erroneous. Any one else noticed this discrepancy? Is this a known problem with the v1.5.4 firmware? Any comments or insights will be greatly appreciated.

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