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  1. Goodday.Yang

    Cloud Router

    Hi Alan, We are planing to add Router easy setup function in EnShare. Please be patient, and you will see a new EnShare coming.
  2. Goodday.Yang

    Cloud Router

    Hi Steve, EPG5000 can support to 4TB USB HDD. Probably can be your personal NAS at home.
  3. Goodday.Yang

    EnShare APP

    EnShare is an App which can save Music, Photos, Video and documents into your home Gateway remotely and share them to your friend easily.
  4. Goodday.Yang

    Cloud Router

    EnGenius Cloud Service is an Internet of Things (IoT) solution that links a vast array of devices (Routers, Gateways, USB-enabled devices, Storage devices, Home sensors & IP cameras) across your home network for network users to monitor and conīŦgure through mobile devices.

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