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  1. AC device default Bandwidth is 40??

    I have a good idea!! I suggest send engenius AC device to smallnetbuilder for review.
  2. AC device default Bandwidth is 40??

    All SI/MIS engineers should have ability to setup a proper WiFi configuration base on real environment, taking the easiest road always is a bad choose.
  3. AC device default Bandwidth is 40??

    Very interesting, EWS320 is AN not AC, why you can see BW in 80, haha....
  4. Does EnViewer support zPTZ

  5. Share live video on social media

    coming soon.. I guess!!
  6. What is smartlink??

    I saw a interesting video from youtube, Just to share with you all.
  7. Does EnViewer support zPTZ

    Does EnViewer support zPTZ?
  8. It weird, I saw a lot of AP device and never see any AP default bandwidth is 40 for AC only engenius....