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  1. Multiple EAP1750H in smaller house?

    hi i will suggest you EMR3000 kit instead two EAP1750H.
  2. EnMesh Parental Controls

    sorry for the inconvenience.
  3. EnMesh static reservation

    ENMESH APP cannot add static ip reservation, but you can add it by GUI (LAN setting).
  4. Change default IP number EMR3000

    Hi DrDeJe, Please turn your master EMR3000 to Bridge mode. via APP, Settings > Internet Setting > DHCP via GUI, Interfaces > WAN > DHCP IP will obtain from your modem (192.168.1.x). For your reference.
  5. EMR3000 used wired

    hi DrDeJe, The backhaul function is under verifying. It should be support after firmware version 1.6.x. Release schedule is not confirmed.
  6. Cron errors every 5 minutes

    Hi Danny, This log should not effect you WIFI problems. 20-ntpclient is time synchronize script.
  7. Wehere is EWS320AP

    Hi, For Your Information
  8. ESR-300

    Hi rafael4ik, Would you try the Emergency Upgrade?
  9. EMR3000 used wired

    Hi DrDeJe, EMR3000 firmware is not support wired backhaul currently. Your scenario is not work with EMR3000. We know your scope and needs, the wired backhaul function will be release with other major functions in recent firmware upgrade. Thank you.
  10. EnstationAC with Cameras SetUp.

    hi ABLE1, It depends on you setup environment, long range deployment require 3 EnStationAC for each camera. There is application note show below
  11. ENS202 serious Issues

    There are best practices for your reference.
  12. Hi Karl, Have you ever sniffed(inSSIDER or wifi analysis) the wireless environment in the ENS202EXT you placed? How many AP near the ENS202EXT and wireless channel occupied. Try to setup ENS202 in a static Channel(1,6,11) with lowest db to decrease the wireless interference.
  13. Hi Karl, There are best practices for your reference.
  14. EHN900EXT low throughput and high latency

    Hi danwilliscroft, There are some best practices for your reference. Please arrange your wireless settings by those practices, maybe solve your problems.
  15. Hi Karl, Could you try to turn off the station separation and monitor this issue is happened again?