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  1. Solar powered camera

    A youtube video for this:
  2. Solar powered camera Seems cool for outdoor camera and car DVR
  3. IPCam with a battery

    Another type of wireless security camera (also battery-powered) that transmit a video and audio signal to a wireless receiver:
  4. IPCam with a battery

    There's an example:
  5. IPCam with a battery

    How about that? Something like HTC RE with network features. It can be used as traditional IPCam at home and do live streaming outside for 2 hours or so.
  6. ONVIF support

    Yes, EnGenius cameras conform to ONVIF Profile S
  7. Mesh Camera

    How do mesh cameras get benefits from the mesh feature? Will mesh architecture improve the wireless connection of IPCam?
  8. Video quality enhancement

    The camera should be away of heat sources; otherwise thermal noises will degrade image quality, especially for low light performance.
  9. Mounting location of AP and camera

    The camera uses wide-angle lens so it doesn't have to be mount at the corner. Actually mounting a wide-angle camera at the corner might restrict its field of view.