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  1. This was already a common feature, doesn't EnGenius router support?
  2. Does 4x4 outdoor AP implement external N-type female connectors? If YES, does that mean I have to prepare the RF cable with N-type-male to N-type-male for connecting 4x4 AP to 4x4 sector antenna?
  3. Good. This is another good way without changing anything for current on-going FW.
  4. I have no idea what kind of the usage and application for outdoor switch, since usually it would not have concentrated installation for outdoor AP.
  5. This is really a good idea and suggestion !
  6. I don't think that will be a problem for 2x2 AP with 3x3 sector antenna used. However please note the polarization of different connector ports.
  7. After I tried, both EnShare/EnViewer could not be found really from Apple TV.
  8. Will EnGenius launch new app that could setup IP camera and do configuration?
  9. NO, they didn't have yet, but will have ( refer to Bone's reply )
  10. You could refer to
  11. Pictures are great help to understand those connectors. Thanks, Pang357.
  12. Is the AP camera EWS series or EDS series?
  13. May I know the difference of 10~20Mbps is under which operated WiFi standard( 11n or 11ac ) with how many streams?
  14. Agree, I think so. Possibly the different chipset solution of client shall be considered effect.
  15. Hi earthmyrll, thank you. Those are current EnGenius sector antennas, but i don't see the antenna with 4x4 MIMO, also the dimension is not shown there. However appreciate for the sharing !