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    I currently get an error when attempting to save a static ips/info on my EWS5912FP with two EWS370AP access points. "ERROR: config string length '0' is out of range (8-63) for 'wtp_cfg.radio[].mesh.wpa_key'." One of my access points shows an invalid IP as DHCP is not working with trunking enabled. I do not have mesh networking enabled.
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    Make sure that you are using the PoE injector and power adapter that came with the ENS202. Try changing Ethernet cables. You may also try implementing the following settings below: * Change the wireless stream band (Channel HT mode) to 20MHz only * use non-overlapping channels like 1, 6, and 11 * use WPA2-PSK/AES only for the wireless security mode * Set the TX power to 20dBm Each access point should have a unique channel frequency. Hope the above suffices your requirement.
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    Band Steering, depending on the mode that you have selected, allows dual-band client devices to connect to the 5GHz radio with priority over the 2.4GHz radio of an AP. For this to work, the SSID and Security details must be exactly the same for both radios.