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    I noticed that the majority of the ESR & EPG Firewalls on our network are locking up due to botnet activity. I ran across the link above and it looks like this activity has been going on for a few months. Are there any work around to stop/prevent this activity? And is there any headway on a new patch being released? Thanks, Curt
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    I have all three ECB1750 all setup as WDS Bridge on 5GHz (2.4 Ghz is set to AP mode). One of the ECB1750 is wired to the router and the other ECB1750 is in a building across the road. The other ECB1750 is in a warehouse across the driveway. Whenever there is a power outage, the devices do not automatically reconnect when the generator kicks in. I have to log in to the UI and reconfigure the devices to get them to reconnect. Can somebody tell me how to fix this? The link on all three devices is between -50 to -60 dBm so that is not an issue.
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    The ESR600 does not have the option to block specific ports.
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    Hey Josh, Thank you again for helping me with this. I was able to get it up and running based on your easy instructions. True test is the signal makes it to my detached garage about 100yrds away with the door cracked. 🙏 Have a great weekend.
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    I was once where you are now. Struggling with the right order of steps and learning as I went. EnGenius devices are not the easiest to set up, however they seem to be the most stable and reliable once they are configured correctly.
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    Yes you will need to turn off the computers built in wifi. Pages 22-23 of the manual have specific instructions for Mac users on how to manually configure an IP address. Once you are not on the routers signal or network, will take you to the ENH500 configuration screen. Provided you are connected directly to the ENH500 through the POE injector. You will know the POE injector is connected correctly if the lights on the ENH500 start blinking immediately. If they do not light up as soon as the ENH500 is connected to the POE Injector, you are most likely on the wrong side.
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    I think I might have gotten you a little confused with the numbers and addresses. Basically the thing to remember is that no two devices on your network can have the same IP address at the same time. Once you set your Mac's IPv4 to, have it connected directly to the ENH500 via the POE injector, and everything is powered on, you will be able to go to in your browser and access the interface of the ENH500. You will then change the default IP address of the ENH500 from to (This is done to avoid the IP Address conflict with your router which already has reserved for itself.) You set the subnet mask as, and the default gateway as . (Chapter 8 in the manual linked below.) Here is a link to the EnGenius web page containing the Full owners manual, which usually does not ship with the devices. The quick start guide leaves a lot out in my opinion. This also includes specific instructions for Mac users as well. Also make sure to pay specific attention to the "Accept" button and the "Save and Reload" button. https://www.engeniustech.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/ENH500_Manual.pdf At this point you reset your Mac IPv4 settings to DHCP, reconnect everything back to the router and then you can use in a browser, and it will take you to the exact same login page as before. Once you know you have confirmed connectivity through the router, you can then go into the wireless settings and set the mode to Access Point and enable and edit the SSID and password. I hope this helps.
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    POE side to the ENH500 and LAN side to your MAC. You will need to give your MAC any address other than the one you want to assign to the ENH500. I.e. If the ENH500 will be after you change it, you will have to manually assign your Mac to anything but that. I.e. You won't need to worry about anything in the gateway portion of your IPv4 settings on your Mac while your initially configuring the ENH500. you will also have to set your MAC IPv4 settings back to DHCP or automatic after the initial configuration before you reconnect it to the router so it will be able to see the network again. other wise it looks like you're on the right track. Once you've assigned the ENH500 the address of, yes you would then be able to type that address into a browser to access the control panel of the ENH500.
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    When he says bypass the router, he means to connect the computer directly to the ENH500. The order would be: Computer > POE injector ("Network" side) > POE injector ("Output" side)> ENH500. This eliminates the address conflict with the router, allowing you to access the UI of the ENH500 at From there you would change the static IP of the ENH500 to any unused address, (i.e. the as recommended above. You will also have to set the "Gateway" IP to the router IP (, this allows the AP to find the router and thus the internet signal it sends out.. Then you can put your network all back together normally, connect your new ENH500 to the router though the POE injector, and access the AP through the new IP address. DO this at your desk or somewhere the ENH500 is easily accessible, so if you did make an error in addressing, it is easy to get to the physical rest button. Once it is on a wall or mounted up high this becomes more of a chore. As far as the SSID and password goes, that is not as concrete of an answer. In theory, Yes, you should be able to replicate the routers wireless credential settings on the ENH500. Some devices will play nice like that. Your phone, tablet, etc... should switch to the stronger signal once it is in range, and the weaker signal is below a certain threshold. The one drawback is that you don't know exactly where your signal is coming from and if the need to troubleshoot the WiFi arises, you won't know if the issue is with the router or the AP. If identical SSID's do not work, you will have to assign a different SSID on the ENH500. (i.e. the routers SSID is "HOMENET", or "HOUSE", the ENH500 SSID can be as simple as "HOMENET1", or "GARAGE", the passwords can remain the same for simplicity, however that is not a best practice as far as network security is concerned. But your device will remember the credentials once you enter them once, so it's not that much trouble to have two different ones.