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    @saddleback, problem with WDS links is that those still havent been generalised by the vendors. So the style for building up the WDS link with engenius devices can be (slightly) different compared to other brands. That is why all vendors, including EnGenius, recommend to always create WDS links between same brands, and if possible, use the same models. Or at least with the exact same chipsets. for client bridge, it is normal for this behavior. That is where the big difference is located between client bridge(CB) and wds station. CB mode was developed to work as a legacy solution, so you can connect a wired-only device, to your wireless network. Actually, the CB device can be compared to an oversized WLAN Adapter. what is the feedback that you get when running ping tests from the device behind the client bridge to your main router? just to clarify, both access point and connected client are using different IP addresses, but are registered with the same MAC address? If so, which firmware are you currently running on your ENH500? 1.5.6? or 1.5.74?
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    I tried FCC and ETSI firmware, both firmware works after un-check green. BTW, after save the setting, did you click the "Changes" on the top right hand corner and then click "Apply"?
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    My one works fine with channel 60 after un-check green, my firmware version is 2.0.104.
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    Did you uncheck the "Green" function next to the Operation Mode?
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    After save, did you click the "Changes" on the top right hand corner and then click "Apply"?
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    Disregard. After doing some embarrassing quick research I learned that it was the style of encryption TKIP that was my bottleneck. Switched to AES and the speeds are back up!
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    How about EnGenius devices supporting Facebook WiFi. It is like having a captive portal using a Facebook account. Companies with guest networks and would like to promote themselves would probably like to have Facebook WiFi.