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  2. none2happy

    EZ Master Download

    Hello, Why are there no valid links to download the EZ master software? I just bought 10 EWS550APs and have to configure them this evening for deployment tomorrow. Your website provides no download link and instead a contact form with the statement 'Once you have completed the ezMaster download form, your ezMaster download link will be emailed to the email address provided below.' This is very misleading. I filled in my information and now have an email that has links for youtube videos and no software download. This email states that one of your team members will be in touch shortly with a download link. What is this? How am I supposed to get my job done when I'm waiting for one of your sales reps to follow-up on their time? I really don't appreciate being misled in my quest to use your products. If I'm unable to configure these on my own time then I'm returning these products and will never use an engenius product again. Thank you.
  3. Yesterday
  4. dibblm

    Network Design Software - ezWiFi Planner

    Why in the world is this software ONLY available to partners ? This should be made available to everyone. Working for a small government entity I purchase Engenius products all the time. I know what products I want and how to deploy them. I call my vendor, Get quotes and ship/install the products where I need. "IF" I had access to this tool it would eliminate me undersizing my projected plans of deployment. My vendors don't know the area I am deploying to, They cant expect me to send them floor plans at will. Engenious needs to wisen up to the needs of their users. NOT JUST PEOPLE SELLING their product.
  5. Last week
  6. So I have a beach club that I want to extend the WiFi system. I want to extend the network down to the beach for all of the members, so their will be a lot of network traffic. It is about 200 yards from the router that is inside the office in the club. I also want the network to extend on the deck outside, which is only 20 yards from the existing router. There are also tennis courts that are about 100yards from the club. How should I go about this? I don’t mind running cables to wherever needed. Also what equipment should I use. One problem is that I also would not have power on the far opposite side of the beach. The club is positioned on a small hill that looks down on the beach, but we own the land about 100 yards to the right also.
  7. engeniususer

    is this possible?

    Hello i am new here and i am honest, i am a noob with computers and internet connections. (i hate this stuff) anyways, i have a engenios ecb350 and i wondering if its possible that i connect my ip camera to this engenios and then can connect on long distance with a tablet of smartphone? (and i dont want to have this al connected to the internet www) See this picture: if yes: can someone give me a simple step plan how to configure this engenios?
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  9. Ravi@AlphaIT

    How to Update ezMaster Software

    Ok, so just go here and click the "update" button: https://www.engeniustech.com/ezmaster-network-management-software.html#download
  10. replying to my own posting. Can someone please tell me how to do a complete reset on one of these? I have configured 7 additional units with no problems so I am starting to wonder if there is just an issue with this one unit. Any advice is appreciated.
  11. Earlier
  12. I just upgraded the firmware and it reverted back to the startup password (kept my username) but it will not show the config page. What am I doing wrong?
  13. candersen i have read the problems that you are facing. if you need any help on this issues you can contact <a href="https://netgears.support/netgear-router-support-usa/">netgear router support usa</a>. I am assuring you that they will definitely solve your problem.
  14. Good Morning, we are going to configure a new remote site with an EWS Switch and six AP EWS360. I have connected the APs to the switch and configured SSID and all parameters. If I try to migrate from ewsSwitch to EZMaster ( for security reason the http port and https ports are changed and the EZMASTER is behind a firewall ) I receive " EZMASTER MIGRATION IS CLOSED " message. The out and in ports of network site and ezmaster site are correctly open. Anyone know how to solve the issue Thanks in advance Giuseppe Montanarella
  15. Jason Macer

    EnStationAC log message meaning

    Did you ever figure out what this issue was? i'm also getting this issue, and it seems like the bridge is failing ever few minutes but will come back. I don't know if it is signal interference related or what.
  16. Got it : in (my) Firefox browser : History > Clear Recent History > select 'Cache' > click 'Clear Now' (the solution is also in thread :Wireless Settings not Displayed on an ECB1750)
  17. Hi all, I have a few holiday parks with ENS500 set to WDS bridge as backhaul and ENS200 & 202 as APs. Since last summer, the demands for streaming content has them locking up several times a day when the sites have busy weekends and holidays. The 500’s are set at 40MHz, Green is ticked and the throughput is around 60MBps give or take. The 200’s are a mix of 20MHz and 40MHz depending on the site and clear local airwaves. Throughput obviously is lower on the 20MHz Before I rip all these out and change for Ubiquiti, has anyone got any incite or recommendations that would keep these units alive when they are being pushed to the limits? I would set them to reboot daily but you can’t set a reboot time and I’d want this to happen in the early hours to avoid dropouts during the day.
  18. It is not only the 'Country/region' that I can change anymore... I cannot change the Transmit Power either : - When I uncheck the 'Green' checkboxes for Wireless - Operation mode (=Access Point) for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz band and then lower the Transmit Power (default was Auto) by selecting a lower power in the dropdown boxes, a 'Save' has NO EFFECT : Change count remains at zero.
  19. - New out of the box my EAP1300EXT came with Firmware Revision 1.0 - Working with this initial Firmware revision 1.0, I changed (*) some of the settings to reflect my needs/situation, such as : (1) Wireless Country/Region : Belgium (was : Netherlands) (2) Wireless Security settings for 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands (was : none) (3) Time Zone and NTP server - All these changes worked ok and were persistant (I know how to save and apply settings, as explained in https://helpcenter.engeniustech.com/hc/en-us/articles/235486008-How-to-save-and-apply-settings-for-any-EAP-ECB-ENS-ENH-or-EnStation-access-point- ) (*) I use Firefox browser 60.0.1 (64-bit) to configure the device as Access Point, using the web-based configuration interface. - Then I found that (more up-to-date) firmware was available at https://www.engeniustech.com/eap1300ext-firmware.html; downoaded and installed the two .bin files (EAP1300EXT_Part_1.bin and EAP1300EXT_Part_2.bin). - This firmware update went ok and my EAP1300EXT has now Firmware revision 3.3.1-c1.8.59. - But with this 3.3.1 firmware installed, I CANNOT change the Wireless Country/Region any more (after the firmware update the Country/Region had reverted to 'Netherlands') - I can select another country (in my case : 'Belgium') in the Country/Region dropdown box and I get the usual warning dialog box with the message "Warning: Channels selected will be reverted to All. You should select channels you need again." but a click on the 'Save' button has NO EFFECT (Changes remains = 0) and the 'change' is not persistent : as soon as I browse from the 'Network - Wireless' page to - for example - the 'Network - Basic' page and then back to the 'Network - Wireless' page, the Country/Region setting has reverted to the original 'Netherlands' setting°. - I tried different things : - Uncheck the 'Green' checkboxes for Wireless - Operation mode (= Access Point) for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz band. (It appears that this change of 'Green' setting is also not 'saved' and thus not persistent). - Reset : Reboot the device - Reset : Restore the device to default settings - power off - wait 10 secs - power on - None of this solved my problem. What can I do more to make a change of Country/Region setting work again ?
  20. Hi, I have one Engenius system setup at one hotel at seaside. Actually it's not a hotel, but there are houses with 3-4 floors each. I've installed primary EWS310AP and EWS300AP. 310 is the model which I have most. I have done it alone with measuring wifi power alone. 5GHz coverage is low unfortunately, there is much concrete there and it's absolutely ridiculous to rely on it. So Ive made setup with Band Steering option. In Monday I have removed this option and after that was a scandal So I turn it on back. 2.4GHz coverage is OK, band steering is setup on "Prefer 5GHz" with 5GHz RSSI -75dBm . Im CCNA , but kinda have to understand some things about WiFi. First - how much dbm means Medium power? Resseller sold me EGS2108P which I don't know for what reason you can't draw enough power to power at High/Highest. Actually when you're with smartphone and don't download aggressively with 80Mbps which is the limit of our ISP you rarely have problems. And offcourse the problem is that AP reboots. Every floor has 2 apartments except for the last floor. There my colleagues have pulled only 1 LAN cable which is used for telephone also. I'm forced to have there EWS500AP which are the cheapest option. Money offcourse are biggest problem. I'm installing EWS500AP there using only 4 wires - orange and green for example. They're only on 2.4GHz, which won't be a problem with this band steering. Second - I have to cover outside area and somehow make it part of this Neutron system. I had Ubiquity Nanostaion M2 there and there weren't problems , But since I've setup Engenius system with password problems. I have replaced it with EWS660AP, but it's omni directional and kinda doesn't work so good, but it covers large enough area. I've tried with ENH 202 to make it with thhe same settings but roaming doesn't work. I can't roam from engenius system to ENH202 standalone.
  21. Hi, I wanna setup bridge between Ubiquity Nanostation M2 and Engenius wifi system. I have 2 routers which I can get signal - ENH202 (not connected to neutron) and EWS660AP which is closer. Ubiquity will be used as extender/ WDS bridge mode. Will it be possible because they're from different brands? I have one location at seaside and I need to setup fiscal printer with lan. Can you offer me another Engenius device - for example from ENH, ENS Series which I can connect to my WiFi system as extenders. I need them to be some kind more compact? Thank you.
  22. Alpha

    Unable to Login to new EnStation5

    You can try this small tool, quite handy for me. http://www.keenansystems.com/Locator.exe
  23. Where did you buy the ENS620EXT?
  24. giaythoitrang

    ENS202EXT stuck beacons

    i use ens202ext , and diganostic noitfy beacon stuck, ressetting
  25. I purchased two EnStation5 units to set up an outdoor bridge. I am completely unable to access the login page for either unit. Power light is on. The right LAN light is irregularly on and off. The left LAN light is occasionally on, and the WLAN light occasionally flashes. I've tried both units on two different computers, with three different browsers with the EnStation5s wired to the computer as well as to the router. I've also tried with my existing router and modem turned off to avoid any potential IP conflicts. With a Ping test the results are "Request Timed Out" Sent 4, Received 0, Lost 4 100% Loss. I've set up modems before with similar login pages (plug it into the computer, enter the IP into the browser - router login screen comes right up). Can anyone suggest what I'm doing incorrectly? Thank you for any suggestions.
  26. How do I add the Country Code to a new ENS620EXT that doesnt have them? I have 2 that way, they accepted the firmware updates to 3.01 and appear to be working fine but dont show USA as an option. Any help would be appreciated
  27. brewferg

    Forum error

    There appears to be a problem with your community forum displaying topics/threads. See attached error screenshot.
  28. dbarry


    I need to turn off DHCP at the AP. We already have a controller issuing addresses and the AP doing the same service is creating a lot of problems.
  29. We've recently been starting to use the new ENS500EXT-AC in place of the ENS500EXT. It has some improvements but the boot and connectivity times have increased tremendously. The ENS500EXT in bridge mode could connect to our AP in about 45 seconds from a cold boot. The new ENS500EXT-AC can take over five minutes to perform the same connection. What settings can be adjusted to minimize the boot time? Are there any plans to speed up the boot process?
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