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  2. ENS500-EXT-AC

    I recently bought 2 ENS500-EXT-AC access points. One of them shows all the U-NII channels as available, one does not show any of these channels. Both are firmware 1.0. + 1.83 (if my memory serves, which is often questionable). My question is why this would occur with apparently identical units. The availability of these channels helps me due to 5GHz congestion in my area. Will be back home this evening to further work on this issue, and wonder if anyone has insight into this difference? I was unable to complete a firmware update with the latest firmware found on the Engenius website. I will post with more info when I am with the units. Any pointers would be appreciated.
  3. Hello Genius, I am planning to use ENS620EXT or ENS1750 in client Bridge mode. It will be used on a slow moving vehicle. As per specification, both support fast roaming / 802.11r. My AP/Mesh network supports fast roaming / 802.11r. 1. Does 802.11r/fast roaming is supported in client bridge mode? 2. Any benchmark/data on roaming delays? Regards, Raja
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  5. Is it possible or will it soon be possible to be able to setup multiple different users in EZ Master, with multiple roles and separate permissions per project. We are an MSP and not all techs have permissions or access to all locations. Thank you
  6. ESR600 power blinking

    Step 1. go to this link : Step 2 click on ESR600 Firmware (the firmware will download automatically) Step 3 : Disconnect from the internet, connect your router to your computer with an ethernet cable. Change your computers Ip address to (on Imac you can do that from System Preferences, Network, configure ip4 address. Set ip4 to manually) Set the subnet mask to Step 4 Now open up a browser and go to Step 5 Select the downloaded firmware Step 6 Put back your computers IP settings to what they were originally and disconnect the ethernet cable Connect back to the internet via wifi or ethernet cable That how it worked for me, good luck.
  7. ESR600 power blinking

    Thanks, it works! Great with the new firmware, now I'm a happy man! For how long will I remain happy?
  8. Recently purchased two enstation5 AC units. Looking to set up wireless hotspot in my barn. Visibly clear from the house to the barn. Are there any guides on this forum that could point me in the right direction. Would I set up an access point? And have the second dish connects to a wireless router inside the barn? I have multiple wireless surveillance cameras that I will be setting up. The barn is maybe 100m from the house. Any help is appeciated! I am new to this.
  9. ESR600 power blinking

    I don't know how doing this, can you help me step by step? When I click on the link and try to download the router's firmware, a screen with many weird caracters appears...
  10. Help to Solution Suggested

    yeh you are right. jacky worne writer at Need PSD to Wordpress Conversion Service
  11. ESR600 power blinking

    I stand corrected. i just got this email from support and the solution works perfect. Hope this helps you too. Good day! Please download the router's firmware from this link: Once you have the firmware file, plug in the computer to the router's LAN port. Set the computer's local area connection to a static IP of Open up a browser and access Select the firmware file that you downloaded and proceed with the firmware upgrade. Reset and reconfigure the router after the firmware upgrade.
  12. Hi Guys - First off thanks to anyone taking the time out of your day to answer these questions for me. It's greatly appreciated. For context here is my setup - Three stand alone Bell Home Hub 2000 modems each pulling 14 meg down & 1 meg up that are being dumped into a Peplink Balance 20 three WAN router. I am on ADSL profile on copper 2,100 meters from the 7330 Bell slam I know it's all pretty sad but that's the best we can accomplish here in Northern Ontario Canada I have five EnGenius ECB1750 wirless points at various locations throughout my residence. Obviously the first ECB1750 is hard wired to one of the LAN ports on the Peplink Balance 20 router. So this leads to my first question - Is it possible to have the ECB 1750 wireless points to pull signal from the next closest ECB1750 with the strongest signal ? Or must each of the ECB1750 wireless points pull its signal from the main ECB1750 that is hard wired via the LAN cable to the main router ?? To my thinking there should be away to make each ECB1750 pull signal from the next / closest and strongest ECB1750 signal As opposed to the one that is hard wired to the router If this is possible , how does one accomplish this within the ECB1750 menu configurations ?? Now question number 2 - On the back side of the ECB1750 there is an Ethernet port. Is this port only designed to be used as a port for setting up and configuring the ECB1750 and as the originating LAN point for the first hub ?? Or can it also be used as a hard wire connection to a PC or laptop at various points within the residence ? In order to achieve a more stable connection Basically disabling the wireless function and turning it into a soely hard wired connection If this is possible , how does one accomplish this within the ECB1750 menu configurations ?? Once again thank-you to anyone out there taking time out of their busy day to address these questions.
  13. ESR600 power blinking

    Don't get your hopes up. The original post is from November and no-one from Engenius bothers to respond. I sent an email but got the same silent treatment.very poor support from a so called premium manufacturer
  14. ESR600 power blinking

    Have the exact same problem, can connect via Ethernet, but the wifi is down, cant access the router in any way, hw reset doesnt work, cant get inside the router in any shape way or form, is it possible to push new firmware via ssh or telnet etc? can someone point me in the right direction? im helping my brother that has this gear, and he is not fond of me leaving him to use cable when the wifi should just work hopeful for quick responce regards David
  15. EnShare Exploit Firmware fix

    My ESR600 got stuck in boot mode (power led blinking), not possible to factory reset and does not respond on any LAN or WAN port.
  16. EnShare Exploit Firmware fix

    On Tuesday, January 8th I awoke to find that 5 of my customers EPG5000's are bricked. Has Engenius ever owned up to what is going on?
  17. The main control boards of the Huawei S7700 include ES0D00MCUA00, ES0D00SRUA00, ES0D00SRUB00,and ES1D2SRUH000. The details are as follows: The ES0D00MCUA00 is installed on the S7703 switch. The ES0D00SRUA00, ES0D00SRUB00 and ES1D2SRUH000 are installed on the S7706 and S7712. The main control boards of the S9700 include EH1D2MCUAC00, EH1D2SRUDC00, EH1D2SRUDC01, and EH1D2SRUC000. The details are as follows: The EH1D2MCUAC00 is installed on the Huawei S9703. The EH1D2SRUDC00, EH1D2SRUDC01 and EH1D2SRUC000 are installed on the S9706 and S9712.
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  20. Max concurrent sessions

    What is the max concurrent sessions supported on each Neutron WAP model? Need an indoor WAP that will support as many connections as possible to cover a public lobby that at times could have hundreds of smartphones, tablets and PC's.
  21. Dear members and adviser, I am just typical user but I want to clear doubt regarding sector antenna. I do not know whether we can use SA2312 or like-so devices as standalone AP. I am running out of budget and I cannot buy external AP like ENS series - so far from my pocket. I have an area as shown in the attachment below. There are around 10 concrete wall 40 square meter houses with 40 people. I would like to know what kind of link technology used by SA2312 - Is it 802.11ac wave 1 or below? How much is the throughput? Looks forwards to your suggestion THANKS IN ADVANCE
  22. Captive Portal multiple APs

    Apparently that only works when using the GUEST NETWORK. Alas, I've found the Guest network will not work for me. Engenius says the guest network is only for 1 AP installations. IIRC
  23. any ideas how to open rear cover on ens620ext. totally refuses to budge.
  24. ESR600 power blinking

    I hav exactly the same problem with my esr600 since yesterday. Router is transmitting so i can use wifi but i cannot access the router or my nas which is connected to the router.
  25. ESR600 power blinking

    Is there any way to resolve this ? My ESR600 doing same today
  26. Greetings, I have several acces points , 2 of them are ENS202EXT and 2 Unifi accespoints from Ubiquiti. Ther are all located outside, to be used for my home automation when I drive my care from the gate to the house. I learned there is something like fast roaming , protocol 802.11k and 802.11r. Do these 2 ENS202EXT have this option as well? And can they be used together with the Unifi accespoint with this fast roaming? How would I set this up on both ENS202EXT Many thanks, Cor
  27. Pete

    I am trying to setup a large area wifi system using the EnGenius ENH202v2. I am using WDS AP mode. One of the devices is connected to a modem to the internet. All of the devices are configured identically with the only difference being the WDS target list excluding the devices own MAC. The "Base" device remains connected to the Internet at all times, however each of the other three "Satelite devices lose their links and break their internet connectivity. Recycling the "Base" unit's power restores the entire system's connectivity until one or more of the "Satelite" units disconnect randomly at some later time. Any idea what is going on?
  28. ENS500-AC slow

    I made a mistake, it gets max about 400Mbps sometimes, still, I'd hope to see that closer to average and higher maximums. Configed for WDS Bridge 802.11 AC/N 80MHz 11dBm Auto Data Rate 2346 RTS Threshold Distance 0 AES Security
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