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  3. Me too, although it is wider than two weeks. A hard power cycle will reset it, however a soft powder down either from the management console or from the Automatic reboot will cause it to fail and issue the 168.x.x.x random addresses. I just wrote and e-Mail to support. I'll follow-up when I get a reply. Anyone have any ideas? ps: I'm connected to an ESR600 via ethernet.
  4. Thank you. That is much more information than tech help has provided. So the answer IS that tech has no clue. Battery was changed out with no difference.
  5. You've just asked for an RMA. We have provided you the link to where you can send an RMA request. If none of the documentation we provided could help you, then this may obviously an issue with the phone. How about try a different battery if you have a spare one.
  6. I'm the original poster. I ended up calling the Engenius support phone number (because they never answered my questions here) and they issued a RMA. The phone was fixed and returned. It has worked flawlessly since.
  7. How about helping me??? Does this mean you do not know what the issue is with the phone and I need to send it back???? You have not addressed the problem at all, just keep sending me useless links.
  8. You may fill out the RMA request form from the link below and send to
  9. Constant beeping. We had the issue with the other Durafon but that was after owning it for 5 years.
  10. None of your documentation addresses this beeping issue. This is a brand new phone. Please send an RMA for S/N 171102271 (SN-902 V2)
  11. I would appreciate if you could let me know the issue that you are experiencing with your DURAFON1X
  12. You know what would be great for the money I spent on two of these phones would be to just tell me how to fix the issue!
  13. We do have DURAFON 1X quick reference sheet too. You may also check some articles posted on EnGenius Help Center.See below: DuraFon_1x_Quick_Ref_Sheet_and_FAQs_FINAL.doc
  14. So far you are not providing any help here for the 1X unit.
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  16. Does anyone know how to schedule the EAP9550 radio to be disabled for a specific period of time? The Schedule Power Saving function is not deactivating the radio which is what I need to do. Have tried this on 3 different EAP9550 units and all of them do not disable the radio. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  17. Yeah literally 2 days ago and only to a select few. We were using the ES300s for the low price and excellent range for a $30 wireless router. So far we have replaced over 40 with a few sporadic customers left that we will get to. I hate making statements like this, but I will never buy another Engenius product after this. Not because of the exploit. These things happen. It's the response or lack there of that I have issue with. Maybe there are a ton of customers blowing up their support email and they are so overloaded they can't respond. That being said though knowing the exploit was presented to them over a month ago affecting 7 different brands of routers (and from what you said maybe as much as four months ago) this is just a pitiful response time. If you are still going to sell a product you have to at least update the firmware a few times a year. Again I have sympathy if they are getting bombarded by emails because of this issue, but it is a company wide problem when you see the lack of support, follow through, and an ability to fix your mistakes once they happen. Just my 2 cents and then some, but we will box up all of the almost 2k worth of routers in the hopes they will be patched one day. More than likely though we will just use them for target practice since the disk shape would probably fly pretty well through the sky.
  18. Looks like a firmware patch was released for the ESR600 and the EGP5000. I was never notified from support about this though and it is currently only listed on their European site. The odd thing is I still receive output when I test the exploit. However all of the fields are blank. I guess it's something.
  19. If you want to add the EWS1025CAM to an EMR3000 mesh network, check out the following link:
  20. Yes, the EMR3000 updates automatically. Check out the following article on the EnGenius Help Center:
  21. See article posted on EnGenius Help Center:
  22. Thank you so much. It works as your instruction. Have a great day. Best, Nick Nguyen
  23. I've notice this problem on my home router as well. I'm probably going to install OpenWRT on my ESR900 and see how that goes. But OpenWRT firmware isn't compatible with all of these affected firewalls. So I lucked out if I decide to go this route. Latency caused by my router has dropped me out of online games three times now. Various games and multiple platforms. There are quite a few hits about this issue on the net. But EnGenius has yet to live up to their name and release a patch for it. As far as a work around settings wise. The only thing I have found is rebooting the firewall restores service briefly and changing the firewall password seems to help for a bit. I even disabled remote management and this made no difference.
  24. I have also been given the generic ,"We're passively looking into it response". With no reassurance that I will even be contacted if the issue is ever resolved. On top of that when I call in I wait on hold for some time and usually talk to the same overworked non-informed tech that answered my last call the day before. According to the sources on the net this exploit was brought to their attention almost 4 months ago. I'm currently looking into some sort of work around to mitigate the issue. But so far aside from swapping the router out with a Netgear or worse a TPLink router I have not found a work around.
  25. It just started hitting our network hard this past week. We have roughly 50 routers out on our network and had to block access to all to stop the exploit. We average 25 - 30k packets a second and the peak we saw during the attack was 300k plus. On only 50 devices. Completely killed one of our internet access links. Customer Noservice tells me sent me a canned statement when I informed them and the 2nd email said they would forward it to their engineers. The last patch the ESR devices we use was last year 5/16. This is my first post on these forums, but do any Engenius people ever respond on here?
  26. Thank you for that confirmation about fw updates. And I do realize 300mbps is not the link rate. I was very happy with 150mbps through-put. The 5GHz interference would have to be for miles, as these radio installations have over 5 miles between them. Possibly a change to a local cell tower? I should try a 2.4GHz link only but I couldn't get the 150mbps through-put using that frequency. Thanks for responding.
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