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  4. Speedracer21222


    So, i bought 3 enh1750ext's. The box says to reset them with the POE Injector....epe-48gr.......the problem is that all 3, I REPEAT, ALL 3, of the brand new enh1750ext's came with a different POE Injector than stated on the box.......and guess what??? It does not have a reset button on it. The POE Injectors that came with the new 1750's are EPA5012GP. Now i'm stuck with one 1750 that needs a factory reset and i can't connect to the GUI to reset it and it doesn't have a reset button on it.....oh yeah, and the EPA5012GP doesn't have a reset button either....now what the hell am i supposed to do??
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  7. Wentworthcctv

    ENH 1750EXT Trouble

    For some reason, I am extremely loyal to Engenius as I have had much success using the ENH202 as a client bridge with security cameras. I have had several customers ask me to set up Wi-Fi for them, mostly marinas and campgrounds. I use the Enstation AC's as drillers from the modem to the ENH 1750EXT dual band routers and for $600 have found that they are not very effective. I have complaints that people get password errors that wont allow them on, That people 200 feet away with direct line of site cant get on, etc. It is very frustrating. So if anybody has actually had luck with these access points, I would much appreciate information on your settings. It seems Engenius doesn't even have customer technical support lines anymore for dealers.....I am about to switch to Unifi and give up.
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  9. I have a location with fiber internet to the office. I have line of site to two different locations on site where we need internet. One location is 1225' away and the other is 475' away. The two sites are within about 1.5 degrees of each other horizontally so I was hoping to put in a single ENS500-AC at the office that would provide a WDS bridge to an ENS500-AC located at each of the other two remote locations. I have setup the configuration in an approximate to-scale setup and everything seems to work just fine. The first bridge enabled in the WDS bridge list on the the head end AP gets a speed test comparable with the internet connection. The second one gets approximately 25% of the speed. Do I have something configured incorrectly or is this just the way it is?
  10. Muzammil Hussain

    Why You Should Update Your Website Regular Basis?

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  15. Speedracer21222

    Network Setup Inquiry - Enstation AC

    I have this exact same setup......They work fine in "Regular" AP/Bridge Mode with RSSI at -58dBm. When i switch them to WDS Bridge Mode they do not see each other......any suggestions.
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  18. The answer to this is that when upgraded to current firmware, the default is dhcp so the router is assigning an ip by default. No longer is the valid. You have to find the ip address on router and then connect.
  19. Truly one of the worst attempts of Mesh Wi-Fi. EnGenius did irreparable damage to their reputation as hardware vendor. If you have a house build with bricks, don’t bother buying this. Its made for small apartments and wooden houses like in the US. The range is hardly 3m and I’ve installed 6 pods, and even then it does not work. Support is terrible, and when they answer its always “wait for the new firmware”. So I’ve installed the new firmware (1.6.3) to the master pod and now all the other pods are gone because they did not automatically update to 1.6.3 No way of reaching them with a 1.6.3 master pod. The iOS app is painfully slow, I mean 6 seconds per page refresh. And when you go to the webpage its even worse. It is a badly designed product, a true “version one” made under pressure of the competition.
  20. Hey guys I'm pretty new to this , as a self learner . I'm trying to setup multiple VLAN on multiple AP. I use the EWS1200-28TFP switch with 9 EAP2200. So I have 6short term rental unit with 2 common area, each unit and common area has it's own AP . Each unit needs a Manager Vlan for smart lock and a VLAN for the user Each common area needs a manager VLAN for building automation and a VLAN for each different user (6) I'm trying to figure out how should I setup the VLAN with ports and also wich security would be appropriate Thanks in advance :)
  21. Jeff Sutton

    Beach club WiFi network recommendations

    Look at SA5315 Sector antenna fed by an EWS860AP. It will need cat6 wiring, but you can power itwith the same wire via PoE.
  22. AAVS2016

    is this possible?

    Based on your diagram, I would say No. The ecb350 is an access point, not a switch. If the camera was a WiFi camera it could be configured to connect wirelessly to the access point. There are many ways to achieve what you are looking to do, consult a professional if you can't do it yourself.
  23. AAVS2016

    Beach club WiFi network recommendations

    https://www.engeniustech.com/neutron-series/hardware/ If you aren't qualified to do all the work yourself use the Where to Buy locator and look for an authorized system installer in your area.
  24. Williammbrooks

    Beach club WiFi network recommendations

    With the explosion in popularity of smart home devices and countless streaming media services like Hulu, Netflix, and Spotify, whole-house Wi-Fi coverage has become a must. Many of the latest wireless routers can provide strong coverage to most rooms of a typical medium-size house, but larger homes and dwellings with dense walls, multiple floors, metal and concrete substructures, and other structural impediments may require additional components to bring Wi-Fi to areas that the router can't reach. For more info you can use this best essay service to having a wonderful assistant in writing and even you can get the guidelines too.
  25. On all EAP models I've used before (EAP350,600,900h,1200h) I have been able to initiate a firmware upgrade via telnet/ssh. On EAP1300, there does not seem to a working function for this? Previously "mgmt -> fwgrade -> fwup http://website.local/firmware/firmwarefile.bin" would upload, write to eeprom, and then reboot. Now, the result is eap1300/mgmt/fwgrade>fwup Device reload firmware... Please wait and try to reconnect later. uci: Entry not found eap1300/mgmt/fwgrade> Is there a replacement CLI method for this? or is it just broken, and I'm going to have to upgrade firmware by hand from this point on? Yes - I checked the bin file is not corrupted - yes it works by manually uploading via the internal webpage.
  26. Hello, Engenius Community! I'm looking for some details regarding some indoor Ceiling mounted Access Points. I've searched these forums without luck. And so what I need to know is what the client capacity is for the following models... EAP1250 EAP1300 EAP2200 Any help regarding this would be greatly appreciated! Thank You!


    I loaded the wrong firmware on my enh202 now i cant get any WIFI access, it wont reset and i cant access the setup. WHAT CAN I DO.
  28. Hi...i think the power levels are set in software and stored in tokens, so there is no time that TX should be running at higher power than desired.In addition, we have a function that allows us to measure voltage during transmission, so you can see power draw at that moment. We also have an Energy Monitor tool that allows decent visualization and data capture of power, including during sleep, wake, tx, rx, etc.
  29. joe@edge-gogreen.com

    Outdoor Repeater

    I have an ENS202EXT running Firmware 1.6.3 and am failing at setting it up as a simple repeater for a plain jane Verizon home router (so many hours!) I have a customer whose wifi cannot quite reach the monitoring box for the solar array on their small farm. I like this unit because it is outdoor rated, it just doesn't work. Yet. Does anybody have a simple simple simple step by step set of instructions to do this? OK, I'll factory reset it again and go to bed now. thanks in advance.
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