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  2. Internet Explorer 11 is find to use.
  3. any help appropriated, Using EWS 5912 under switch > QoS> Bandwidth Control > port 4 set to ingress 32 and egress 16, than using cat 5 wire plugged into port 4 > speed test > I get full speed 90 down 25 up Is there another setting to active Bandwidth Control Thanks
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  5. EWS360AP Chromecast V2

    See attachment. Thats disabled.
  6. EWS360AP Chromecast V2

    I had some discovery issues when multicast 2 unicast conversion was on. Disabling it helped a lot.
  7. EWS360AP Chromecast V2

    Yes, also I have disabaled band steering and force 2.4GHz. strange behaviore is that it sometimes did pop-up within Spotify, Maybe Spotify searched better? With my Fritz router no problem but Thats tot why I buyed the Enginius
  8. EWS360AP Chromecast V2

    Do you have multicast to unicast conversion enabled on the ap?
  9. Found the issue. It works fine on Safari. Not on Chrome Version 65.0.3325.181
  10. after upgrading my AP from 1.6.62 to 1.6.70 the username and password box don't display. Yes I have rebooted it several times. My other AP and Bridge that are not upgraded are working fine. Ideas? Can't login to it now. It is below. Device Discovery Device Name Operation Mode IP Address System MAC Address Firmware Version MYBRIDGE Wireless Client 88:DC:96:42:59:0C 1.6.62 MYAP Access Point 88:DC:96:48:5E:61 1.6.70
  11. Enmesh much slower than connected modem

    Hi Lan, Would you try to using bridge mode that omit the Firewall limit. You can setup by APP > Settings > Internet > DHCP + Bridge mode. (IP obtain from your gigabit Fiber modem)
  12. EWS360AP Chromecast V2

    Hello, i have a Chromecast V2, on my WiFi router (Fritz) from my provider it visible on my devices. when i connect it to the AWS360AP what i prefer i wont be able to explore it anymore. any inputs?
  13. Replacement fan for EGS5110p not working.

    Just use small computer fan with plugin power supply attach it inside or outside
  14. yes, it will just connect to the internet So many people looked at this no one replied ???????????????
  15. Connecting my main Enmesh to the gigabit ethernet port of my Fiber modem only gives 150-200 Mbps connection, even though the modem is connected at much higher speed (500-1000). Og course this means that the entire mesh network is much lower than it should be; everywhere but the most distant corner of my house gets a much faster connection by simply using the built-in wifi on the fiber modem. Is there any way to make the hard-wired connection faster? The Fiber modem claims it's connected at gigabit speeds.
  16. The basics of WoW

    Hi, Right now the game is too easy, even with level scaling. 3 mobs attacking a warrior should mean he has to run away, 3 mobs attacking a mage should mean he has to use frost nova and polymorph if he wants to survive, and when he is done he should be low on mana. Then - he gets that green quest reward, or that crafted item (he had to run all over the world for the mats), and he is just a little bit more powerful. This is it, this simple procedure is what made WoW great in the past? Please help. I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. References:- B2B Advertising Campaign Thanks
  17. Guest network on EWS310AP

    Thank you onlyoneme for your answer. Roberto
  18. Guest network on EWS310AP

    I guess that AP translates such addresses into its IP and allows a communication thru the default gateway only.
  19. Hi Jan, 1.6.1.x firmware support wired mesh backhaul now. You can wired EMR3000 with each other for better connection quality. Master EMR3000 LAN Port(White) ---> Slave EMR3000 WAN Port(Blue) The APP EnMESH will show wired connected in Diagnosis page.
  20. EMR3000 used wired

    Hi Jan, 1.6.1.x firmware support wired mesh backhaul now. You can wired EMR3000 with each other for better connection quality. Master EMR3000 LAN Port(White) ---> Slave EMR3000 WAN Port(Blue) The APP EnMESH will show wired connected in Diagnosis page.
  21. Multi User Configuration

    Thirded. A working link to the upgrade .bin would also be appreciated.
  22. How to Update ezMaster Software

    Access denied for me. This is really silly, Engenius.
  23. ENH1750EXT Firmware v3.0.2.9

    may i know where did you download this version? Is this firmware an official release?
  24. EnStation5-AC DHCP Client

    Hi Patrick, according to your mention, EnStation5-AC was set to access point and connect to your existed network. then you can not get the IP address from your DHCP server(maybe a router device) via EnStation5-AC, right?
  25. If you huawei switch S5720 Not Respond to Input from the Keyboard,what should you do, then let me tell you. Fault Description The command line interface of the device suddenly does not respond to input from the keyboard. Possible Cause The device is processing other services and the high CPU usage results in no response to the input from the keyboard. Another user restarts the device or the device restarts at the scheduled time. The device hardware is damaged or a software bug occurs Procedure Check whether any user runs the save or display diagnostic-information command. The command execution results in high CPU usage in a short period during which the device does not respond to input from the keyboard. Wait for a while and check whether the fault is rectified. If the fault persists, go to the next step. Check whether any user restarts the device. Only users of level 3 and higher levels can run the reboot command to restart the device. Check whether any authorized user restarts the device. Log in to the device through the console interface to check whether the frequently changing information is displayed and whether the device starts normally based on the information. If the device starts normally, the fault is rectified after a while. If the device starts abnormally, rectify the fault by referring to The Device Repeatedly Restarts. If no information is displayed or illegible characters are displayed, go to the next step. If the fault persists, the device hardware may be damaged or a software bug occurs. Contact technical support personnel to rectify the fault.
  26. EnstationAC Link Status Down

    A pair of EnStationAC's in WDS Bridge are establish connection as indicated on WDS Link List - 5Ghz. Both units configured in WDS bridge mode. Each with clear line-of-sight (LOS). The wireless mac addresses on the WDS link settings of each unit is correct, and they both have static IP addresses that are in the same subnet. Both units have the channel HT mode to 20MHz, wireless mode 802-11N (5GHz) only, and both are set to channel 64 - 5.32GHz, Distance 1. Each unit can "see" the each other as indicated in <Connections> WDS Link List - 5GHz however the Link Status = Down, RSSI(dBm) = -95.
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