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  2. Thanks for the reply, I tried 5 browsers (Edge, IE11, Chrome, Firefox, Safari) before and after clearing cache on 3 different systems (MacBook Pro, Dell 6540, MS Surface Pro 4) and I get the above result every time. I see nothing but All or None, nothing else shows up.
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  4. Please see article posted on EnGenius Help Center:
  5. Please see article posted on EnGenius Help Center
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  7. Yes. Try doing a 1 full minute reset then reconfigure it.
  8. EWS310AP kick all clients and can't reconnect until reboot

    It is standalone AP. Do you mean try to reset configuration to factory default and try to reconfigure manually, then use it and try to monitor about the issue?
  9. Hi, BlueDymension, I've tried uploading the back up config file that you sent to my EWS310AP and couldn't find how can I can change the setting from it. The back up file seems to be corrupted. See attached screenshot. This page shows after uploading your config file. Is this configured as standalone access point or managed via a controller? What I can suggest is to reset your EWS310AP back to factory default settings then reconfigure it manually.
  10. I've updated our ECB1750 to that same firmware and the 5GHz channels are present. You may want to try using another web browser.
  11. I just updated my ECB1750 to the newest firmware Now I have only two options for 5GHz wireless channels, I can no longer select individual channels to select. This is a problem as I have a dense population of APs. Is anyone else seeing this? Anyway to get the individual channel selections back?
  12. Where to find EWS1025AP AP MeshCam reset button

    I got my meshcan today and it worked with the enviewer app at the beginning. After I proceeded with the firmware update from the app, I could not find the camera anywhere. All lights are on. I tried pressing the reset bottom over 10, 20, 30 seconds but the camera is not resetting. please help. Thanks
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  14. Thanks! I will give that a try tonight and let you know how it works out.
  15. Please see article posted on EnGenius Help Center
  16. Please see article Posted on HelpCenter:
  17. I recommend that you try typing in the DNS on the EAP1750H Basic configuration.
  18. I recently purchased the EAP1750H. Set up was pretty straightforward and my internal users accessing the 2.4GHz and 5GHZ wireless networks have no issues connecting to the outside world or seeing other internal devices. However, when I set up the guest 5GHZ network there is no connectivity other than an assigned IP address from the access point. I read in another thread that this may be related to needing DNS server IPs in the basic configuration of the access point. Do I need these? The internal users seem to be working fine with the DNS they are receiving via my router without any DNS settings in the access points. Appreciate any help you can provide to get my guest users online.
  19. Pole Mount Size

    Thanks - that's exactly what I needed!
  20. Pole Mount Size

    The polemount strap on the ENS620EXT and the EnStationAC is suited for poles 1"-2.5" in diameter.
  21. Pole Mount Size

    Can anyone tell me what is the minimum/maximum size pole to mount an EnStationAC or a ENS620EXT? I assume it depends on the size of the strap that is included in the box. IS there a "best' size - like 1", 3/4", or another optimal size pole?
  22. Thank you. I will check the config file and post update once available
  23. EWS310AP kick all clients and can't reconnect until reboot

    Hi, the config file is here. IP: Username: admin Password: password Thank you. backup-EWS310AP-2017-08-10.tar.gz
  24. Hi, I would appreciate if you could provide me a back up config file of your EWS310AP. Please include the IP address and login credentials (username and password) so I can check the configuration of your Access Point.
  25. EWS310AP kick all clients and can't reconnect until reboot

    I faced it again and I got the log file, in an attached file. EWS310AP log.txt
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  27. ENS500

    You may want to try setting the ENS500 in Client Router mode. Keep in mind that the ENS500 only works exclusively on the 5GHz band and may not work if the WiFi that it tries to connect to have a splash page/captive portal.
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