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  2. Thank you. However, I've run into another problem. I can't get the access point to pass through the DHCP severs addresses. I can get it to work on devices connnected to the access point but I have put in all the data in as a static up address on said devices. Where's my problem? Is there something going on in the enstationAC's or is this a problem with the access point. I made sure to turn off NAT, firewall & DHCP server. And I moved the incoming connection from the wan port to the LAN ports on the "now" access point.
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  4. So that fixed the visibility on the screens. I can see the Timezone and Firmware tabs again. This should probably be something to put in the release notes for the new firmware. This is the first time I've ever had to clear browser history for a firmware flash to work on ANY device. But this did not answer why the reset button on the POE injector did not reset the ENH1750. A physical reset button is almost mandatory on any device you can change the IP address on just because there is always a chance that you type it in wrong, or give it a wrong sub-net, and then can never find it again. Its an uncommon error, but no one is perfect.
  5. Have you tried clearing the browsing history of the web browser?
  6. Did you set the 5GHz band as the WDS Bridge link? You may want to check out this article from the EnGenius Help Center.
  7. Check out the following article from the EnGenius Help Center:
  8. Hello guys, I have EAP1200h 33 AP with me , I need to control all these AP with a single controller. Please suggest if any.
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  10. I have my "network" setup as two separate networks. My internet comes in through my house. I then throw it to my friend's house 1.5 miles aways using two EnstationAC antennas. from there they have an EPG5000 as their router/access point. I want to disable their DHCP, Firewall and any other settings that would interfere with being able to run it as a single network rather than two successive networks. the ping time is very small <1ms on average, So I feel good about letting my router handled all the network traffic. Can someone make me a quick checklist of things I need to turn off / on the ERG5000 to turn it into a pure AC Access point.
  11. Disregard. After doing some embarrassing quick research I learned that it was the style of encryption TKIP that was my bottleneck. Switched to AES and the speeds are back up!
  12. I have two EnstationAC Ant's about a 1.5miles (2.4km) apart. I have a solid connection. -60 to -65dBm. I run the SSID Hidden so that no one even knows its there. Here's where my problem start. If I run it with no security i get speeds up to 120Mb/s. If I enact WPA2-TKIP my speeds will go no higher than 10Mb/s... what's with the more than 10x loss in speed? I want to run it secure but i need more than 10Mb/s. Note: my passcode is long.... 30 char.. is that the problem?
  13. These are probably simple questions, but just want to make sure I know how this will work before trying it. I have DSL coming into a wireless router, with 4 slots for hard wired connections. Three of these I use to run CAT5 to another place in the house and hook up another router, but all use the same wireless network so a phone, for example, will just switch from one router to the other as you walk around the house. I want to use the 4th connection to run cat5 to a ENS202EXT so that I can get wireless at another building about 250' away and another building about 500' away. Some questions: 1) Can I use the same wireless SSID I use for the other routers and connections? Or do I need to have the ENS202EXT just make its own separate wireless network? Either way would work for me but would be better if all on the same network. If I have to use the ENS202EXT network, can I get the other routers onto the same one, or will I just have two wireless networks? 2) Will I need to install a second ENS202EXT at the outlying building so that I have a point to point setup, or would the signal from the single ENS202EXT be enough to allow wireless service? Does this depend on the strength of the signal put out by the computer source? Laptop, for example, at the outlying building? 3) They use POE. Do I need the adapter at both points? Power at both points? If so, can the outbuilding run on battery power? Just switched on when needed?
  14. Thanks for taking the time of a reply Josh. I'm sure I've down all you outlined. But I'm gonna give it one more try this weekend, before I decide to pack it back up and send back to Amazon. You did rule out for me, that I do not need to use the non-POE LAN port, for my downstream "208" device. So that is one variable I don't have to wonder about. I'll post back as to how I make out. Good Day, Tom
  15. Found an article posted on EnGenius Help Center. See URL below:
  16. This sounds like a typical IP conflict. If the two LAN's were set up separately and before the implementation of the bridge, it is very possible that some of the machines on either side may have the same IP address. The best way to troubleshoot it would be to disable the bridge then run a program such as IP Scanner on each side. Once you have the results, it will be obvious if there are conflicts. Once each machine has a discrete IP, re-enable the bridge and it should work seamlessly. Also make sure there is only one DHCP server handing out IP's, again is the networks were previously discrete, there would have to have been two routers, one on each site. Typically in a bridge configuration, the network runs as if it is hard wired. I have not experienced a learning curve for the devices. If it is not an IP conflict then it might just be a settings issue in one of the 1750's.
  17. This situation needs more information. Do you need wired and wireless access at the bar? i.e. POS is a wired terminal and you also want guest WiFi, or is it strictly to provide WiFi to guests? Is there line of sight to a point on the main building that would allow for a direct outdoor AP on the main building? You might not need to build a bridge to the pool bar if you get an outdoor AP that has the range to cover the pool.
  18. The best situation is WDS Bridge mode for both of the antennas. Then below that you can set up a key for that new wireless bridge. Then on each device make sure to enter the other devices MAC address in the field below. This allows the two devices to see and communicate with each other. I have 4 similar bridges at work built with the ENS500. The best way to communicate from the device is through the POE injector on the POE port. I've never been successful configuring the non-POE port to work well. I would also recommend sequential IP addresses just to avoid confusion down the road. i.e. and it is not crucial, but as your network grows, it will be helpful. Then it is always a good idea to test them in the same room to see if they connect to each other, one connected to the 201 router, and the other just powered on. You should be able to ping both of them. Then once you install them, and make sure they are aligned, your downstream from "208" would ideally go to a switch and then to other wired clients and an AP for wireless clients. One other tip, EnGenius products all have different POE injectors. I tried running my ENS500's from my HP POE Managed switches and they wouldn't power on or respond. The included POE pass through injector is key.
  19. I just had this happen to me a few minutes ago! I've tried multiple times and ways to do a master reset with the external reset button and NOTHING! It goes through all the flashing like it will reset, but then nothing and still displays the same SSID so I know it hasn't reset. All of this happened with this last firmware update this morning...
  20. I noticed on my 1750 that after I made changes that the "Changes" button did not always show the relevant changes. There is a save button on each tabbed page, then that sends them up to the "changes" button, which allows you to set multiple changes in multiple settings without having to restart the device everytime you tab from page to page. After you make changes, even if the "Changes" button doesn't reflect pending changes, it is always a good idea to click it and then select apply changes.
  21. So I went out and got the newest firmware for the ENH1750Ext that I am about to deploy on my network. When I flashed the update, the Firmware and Timezone tabs now show a blank screen, I've tried the built in factory reset, which did not reset firmware, and I tried the "Reset Button" on the POE injector that is supposed to reset the AP... that didn't work either. So since I cannot see my Firmware screen to see the version, or browse and upload the firmware again, is it possible to roll-back to ver. 2.0.5 which was the default on the device from the factory?
  22. Please go to this link:
  25. This might be helpful:
  26. This link from Help Center might be helpful:
  27. Yes. Please see this link from the Help Center:
  28. It would be most beneficial, for us 'novice' first time users of your products, if you could show screenshots of the settings on devices on both ends, of each of these modes. On the downstream devices, while in a 'Bridge' mode, does my PC / LAN switch / LAN access point, plug into the LAN port on the POE, or on the second LAN port on the bridge device?
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