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  2. Did you check out managed device list first?
  3. Instead, if guest client may roam between AP, please enable the user session control and lower the threshold value (depending on how frequent the user may roam). As each AP use separate network for guest access, guest clients will need to login again after they roam to different AP.
  4. How high and dense are those shrubs? Do you plan to access the AP at club house indoor or outdoor? EWS871AP and EWS650AP are both for outdoor usage. One is having external antenna; the other is having internal antenna facing the area for wireless access.
  5. For the time being, there're options of authentication type, splash page, redirect behavior, user session, and walled garden.
  6. Do you mean 200+ users in a WLAN?
  7. You may also check to see if you could find client name info at Active Client list.
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  9. No Button. I am not connecting to a router. I am camping and trying to enhance the WiFi signal. tried everything. Ready to send it it back. Can't find a tech help number.
  10. What is the recommended distance between antennas when mounting more than one sector? I have limited roof space and was hoping to be able to use the standoffs included with the antennas to be able to mount two of them to the same singular mast. Is there a specified minimum separation recommended for this type of antenna? I have the wire length and if needed can mount them up to ~8' apart. I am hoping that since they will be pointed at their own discrete 120 degree section of the same circle that they will not interfere with each other.
  11. Have you tried port triggering?
  12. Do you mean the WPS button? That only works if the WPS is also activated on the wireless router/access point. Can you check on Device Manager if the EUB1200AC is installed as a wireless network adapter?
  13. Thanks but it does not show in the lower right hand side of the task bar. It does not show as a drive in in this computer. The thumb drive does blink and I tried to push the button to find connections.
  14. Any new client join your wifi network recently?
  15. Last week
  16. If the EUB1200AC is plugged in and working then you should see a signal icon on the lower right hand corner of the screen. Just click on that and you should see a list of the wireless signals detected.
  17. Have you tried the steps as found in the manual already? The AP's standard IP address is, best way is to connect it directly to your pc by wire, set up a static IP address for your LAN port, (for example: set subnet to, and the gateway to after that, connect the AP to your computer, (*Make sure you disable any other (Wireless)LAN connections)- start your internet browser and go to:, you now should be able to log in, and set up the settings for the AP to your liking. NOTE: after changing the settings, go to "save/reload: " in the top of the left menu, and apply the made changes. If you don't do the last step, the settings will not be pushed to the access point, and when disconnecting, the AP will still run in default settings.
  18. I bought the EUB1200AC for my Acer Aspire R15 computer on the advice of EnGenuis technical support. Followed the install the windows 10 Driver. I can not find out how to open the thumb drive to pick the WIFI to use. Any advice?
  19. Hello, My ecb300 was working well for one entire year with the same configuration when suddenly the SSID disappeared. By rebooting the AP it came back but disappeared again after a few hours (many tries). Sometimes it came back for no particular reasons for a few moments again (many occurrences). Putting the AP off for some hours worked also, but the ssid always finished to vanish (many tries). I tried to change the ethernet cable and the switch port, to change the configuration (create a new ssid, change the name, encryption, channel etc), the physical location of the ap, upgrade the firmware : nothing better. After that I returned the ap to the vendor for an exchange with a new one. Same problem : I believe they sent me the same ap repackaged (maybe they tested it and saw it working well as it used to do sometimes, bad luck for me) ... Obviously, during the disappearances, all the mobile phones and computers lose connection and cannot reconnect ... So I think it is not a problem of configuration since it worked well for a year, nor of location for the same reason and because a Freebox is in the same place and got no problem of wifi visibility. Any ideas please ?
  20. Hi Mark, Thanks for the reply. Your diagnosis is good and fits with what I have read and some of the symptoms. I did as you suggest and tried putting the ECB1750 into WDS/AP mode and set the ECB3500 as WDS station. Tried various settings all day and couldn't get the WDS link up. In fact I had a strange problem with the ECB1750. Once put into WDS/AP mode I could not fix the channels on either band on the ECB1750. Looking at the wireless status on the other machine it appeared the received channel was being changed every couple of seconds. I have dd-wrt on the ECB3500 but both devices use Atheros chips so I had hoped they would play but did not expect frequency hopping! There is an interesting note in one of the dd-wrt help pages which refers to a setting for XBoxes and I guess would be appropriate for my media renderer. Sadly there was no such setting available for this on my device so I guess I have the wrong version of dd-wrt. I may now try open-wrt. Meanwhile I have put the ECB1750 back into AP mode as that functions as expected and am trying the ECB3500 as Client Bridge (routed). Still not getting control or even visibility from the app. Will report back if I get any further.
  21. Thanks so much! You'd never know from the manual.
  22. It's inside each SSID settings page.
  23. Well, I solved the issue myself. For some reason, it wasn't working nor resolving the IP issue in Client Bridge mode. So I cycled the modes, trying each one (even if it wasn't appropriate would work in the setup I had). But when it is in WDS Station, it now resolves the IP issue and assigns one to whatever device is on the Ethernet port without any issues, whether in Fixed or DHCP mode. Hopefully this thread would help someone else who encounters this same issue or problem, especially with the sever lack of EnGenius support.
  24. I upgraded the firmware on my EAP 1200H. Despite what the user manual says, there is no property page on which to use a mac address filter. The Wireless property page ends at "VLAN Settings". Where can I do this? Thanks very much
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