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  3. Via a forum on the internet I found the solution. The EPG5000 router ran on subnet My current router runs on subnet You will need to use your internal network card of your laptop or PC to configure the ECB 300. So just plug a cable between your laptop / PC and the ECB 300. Then configure your network card with IP with subnet Take care to turn off your WiFi, and then you can access the web site of the ECB 300 via the browser Configure that device, reset your network card's network settings to DHCP (or other configuration), turn on your WiFi again and then connect. Subnet Settings Customized to
  4. ESR-300

    Hello my device is ESR-300 stopped working i do reset many ways but no effect i dont know how to fix this problem can anyone help me with this?
  5. Hello i am also have this problem With ESR-300
  6. EAP1750H firmware v3.0.0

    I've tried with all available regional versions. The serial number of my AP cannot be validated on EU website, so maybe it's really an US version. The statement is: Your serial is INVALID. We regret to inform that only support shall be provided to serial numbers that can be validated here. If your serial number cannot be validated here we suggest you approach the dealer, you originally purchased the product from. No EnGenius EU support for my device.
  7. also; hopefully the wpa2-patches web page will be kept up to date. would be rather nice if a similar page was kept up to date so customers would have a single page to keep all their various products up to date until EOL.
  8. EAP1750H firmware v3.0.0

    Did you try flashing the firmware FWINFO-EAP1750H-FCC-v2.0.361-160519 to your EAP1750H then try downgrading the firmware.
  9. EAP1750H firmware v3.0.0

    I've tried with different INT, ETSI and FCC firmwares, no success. By the way I think the 3.0 FW is not region restricted. There are 3 versions of 2.0.361 FW for example, with headers FWINFO-EAP1750H-ETSI-v2.0.361-160519 FWINFO-EAP1750H-FCC-v2.0.361-160519 FWINFO-EAP1750H-INT-v2.0.361-160519 In case of 3.0 there is just FWINFO-EAP1750H-ALL-v3.0.0-170727-CAPWAP-c1.8.57 ALL, not ETSI, INT or FCC.
  10. EAP1750H firmware v3.0.0

    It is possible that the firmware you are trying to upload is not compatible with your hardware. As mentioned above the firmware version 3.0 has not released in the US, you may try contacting EnGenius Europe for compatible firmware for your EAP1750H. See below: EnGenius Networks Europe B.V. Esp 240 5633 AC Eindhoven The Netherlands Tel +31 40 8200 888 Operating Hours Monday - Friday (9am - 17:00pm) Closed on Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays
  11. EAP1750H firmware v3.0.0

    As I have faced serious VLAN issues I've decided to downgrade the FW. Unfortunately I'm not able to do that as I'm getting the error Firmware upgrade is failed for unexpected reasons. Please make sure your firmware is valid. All I can do is to reflash the current FW. Is the FW downgrade forbidden?
  12. You can get the latest firmware from the Durafon SIP product page on our website,
  13. I took a third ENS620EXT fresh out of the box and attempted 1) Factory Reset 2)Flash file #1 3)Factory Reset 4) Flash file #2 5) Factory Reset from a Windows 10 environment. Only deviation I made from mpr's approach is I used the factory reset button from the interface, as opposed to the manual reset on the device. I also went back and attempted to connect to the "bricks" from mpr's attempt yesterday. Both devices came up on and ran through the steps. All on the latest firmware. Not sure if it was the manual resets or the Linux environment that caused the issues... or just bad luck. Going to attempt to recreate the scenario on a different linux machine, chromebook, network switch , ect... but as of now I am wondering if devices were actually "bricked" or just being petulant. Will post results of progress...
  14. EAP1300EXT Lockout after Firmware Update

    Ok, I tried the procedure: hold the reset button down for 1 minute, then unplug for 10 seconds. After the AP restarted, I again tried to access the CP, no joy. Same behavior as before, invalid username or password on all combinations except if I use my current username and the 'admin' password I get a white screen. Using device discovery on one of the other APs I can see the malfunctioning AP showing firmware 3.0.0 (the good ones are showing firmware 1.0.0), pls see the attached screenshot. Thanks again for your advice, I'm sorry it didn't work. At this point, I've sent an RMA request to EnGenius (I only purchased these APs 3 weeks ago).
  15. EAP1300EXT Lockout after Firmware Update

    Thanks for the response laireV, I downloaded the firmware from which was linked from the page I have used different computers (both Mac and PC and iPhone) and different browsers (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, Safari) and they all yield the same behavior, even with a fresh browser install and cleared cache. I will try the reset button procedure you mentioned and post my response asap. Thanks!
  16. EAP1300EXT Lockout after Firmware Update

    I see that you are having issues with your EAP1300EXT after updating its firmware to the latest build. Could you please let me know as to where you downloaded the firmware? It may perhaps a cache error on the browser? Have you tried clearing the browser histories, cache page, form data, password, offline sites, etc. then re-launch the browser? Have you tried using a different browser? You may also try pressing and holding the reset button for 1 minute while powered on. After a minute, release the reset button then disconnect the power for 10 seconds.
  17. I have three EnGenius EAP1300EXT access points. Visiting showed that new firmware was available, so I upgraded one of my access points to make sure everything works ok before upgrading the other two. It appeared that the upgrade completed ok. Problem is that after the firmware upgrade completed, I can no longer access the CP. I get the login screen, and using my user default name and password shows an invalid username or password. I tried using the factory default, no joy. Even though there's no documentation for this model on the hardware reset button, I tried it several ways, 10 seconds, 30 seconds powered, unpowered, and going from unpowered to powered. No joy there either, only now if I try logging in using my username and the default 'admin' password, I get a white screen. Trying any other combination shows invalid username or password. Wifi Explorer shows the unit is online and connecting to clients normally using the SSID & WPA2 passcode as I set it up before the upgrade. It's only the CP that I can't access, so I can't make any future changes. Looking at that white page Chrome console shows a 404 error, and looking at the page source looks like the standard login screen. Using Device Discovery on the Tools page of another AP on the network sees the AP and it's showing firmware 3.0.0 (the other APs show firmware 1.0.0). So at this point I'm not upgrading my other APs to the newer firmware. My network is operating ok (even the AP with newer firmware) and no users are affected by this issue, only the poor admin (me) who can no longer control or make any changes to the AP. Does anyone on this forum have any ideas or suggestions? I did backup the configuration, but there's no way to restore it without access to the CP, otherwise I'd have tried that. Thanks in advance for any wizardry out there that can help!
  18. I see. There is no other firmware release after It has the same firmware as yours.
  19. We're gonna have another one of our team try it tomorrow with a 3rd radio and see if he has any better luck. I've updated firmware so many times on these things though it's just hard for me to fathom that I could be screwing it up somehow. laireV do you know if the set of radios you've been updating from was on, or something more recent?
  20. It looks like my firmware version is 0.10.4. Where can I get the latest firmware?
  21. Please see article Posted on HelpCenter:
  22. Please see article Posted on HelpCenter:
  23. What is the version of the firmware on your Durafon SIP base? Latest version is v1.11.1.
  24. Never had any issues updating the firmware of my ENS620EXT using the same exact procedure posted on the website.
  25. no internet only sometimes

    update- I reset the Fios Gateway to factory default, I reset all 3 AP units to factory default. Set up each AP again with a different SSID. walked around and did some testing (used WiFi analyzer), seemed to take a little bit but the laptop and mobile phone transferred from AP to another. made a few tweaks to power on the AP units and did not have the no internet come up. I set the 2 indoor AP units to the same SSID and still had no issues. I am going to leave the outdoor AP with a different SSID for a while and we will see what happens. (fingers crossed). I told all users to let me know of any instances where they have no internet. I was hoping to find out why I was getting the no internet, This complete reset may be my answer though. Will update in a week if all is stable. If not will update with new information. I do have a question (s)- Is it recommended in general to schedule a reboot once a week on the AP units? Is there a plan for future releases to have auto firmware updates?, or downloads and you can select when they will perform the update? (as in the middle of the night?)
  26. Ok so I set aside RADIO1 as a brick and pulled grabbed a new ENS620EXT I had just provisioned. Firmware version according to the Javascript in the admin interface. * Began the firmware upgrade steps with a factory reset. Held reset button for ~30 seconds. Removed power. Waited 30 seconds. Applied power again. Device comes up at Good so far. * Uploaded ENS620EXTaddCAPWAP.bin. SHA256 sum of that file I have is: ac119efb30dd1c05054f79f71f9415d88410cc4f1f9c501e43c9660752f4d375 * Firmware upgrade timer starts at 600 seconds. I let it be and come back and can get to the device fine at The admin page shows its version to be "1.0.0 + 1.8.53". * Proceed with second factory reset. Held reset button for ~30 seconds. Removed power. Waited 30 seconds. Applied power again. Device does NOT come up at So I've got two bricks now. Unless I'm doing something really wrong, or we have a box of bad radios, I have to suspect there could be a bug in the firmware upgrade process from to the latest.
  27. I tried doing the thirty second reset (stopwatch in front of me). That entails plugging in the device and letting it boot completely (several minutes). Then I push the pin in and hold for thirty seconds. Release. Check to see if the lights go out. This doesn't seem to work--the light patterns don't change. But I find that if I hold the reset button for 28 or 29 seconds (just a hair under 30) then release, that does make the light patterns change. I pull the power immediately as soon as the lights go out (this was suggested to me by an Engenius support person over the phone). Wait 30 seconds. Then power the device back up. But after the reset the device never comes back up at The light patterns are power(ON), LAN1(ON and blinking OFF every second or so), LAN2(off), 5G(ON every second), 2.4G(ON every second). Now I know it's gonna be tempting to say I have my IP address on my own machine wrong or whatever, but just minutes earlier after the first factory reset things were fine and I could reach And I can reach other Engenius equipment I have in the office (mostly ENS500EXT) just fine. Can anyone else actually confirm that they've taken an ENS620EXT from firmware version to using the six steps described in the README?
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