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  2. Maybe your ENS1200 is still on the default IP address Try accessing it as if new by connecting a computer to it using an Ethernet cable and setting a static IP address like on the computer Ethernet NIC.
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  4. I'm using enstation 5 antennas, creating a WDS bridge between a house and a barn . I've installed a 4ch dvr camera system in the barn and are using bridge to get unit on network. I can see dvr cameras on computer at the house but when trying to set dvr up on DDNS site for phone viewing it will not allow me . Wasn't sure if there is some setting in antenna's I need to worry about ???
  5. Check out the link on the EnGenius Help Center:
  6. Their HQ web site shows 28dBm.
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  8. Bob, Are you looking for the firmware of the EAP1750H? See link below:
  9. You're most welcome Dude!
  10. This ABSOLUTELY worked! - thank you very much - it's been working flawlessly every since the changes were made.
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  12. I have three 1750H units. Two have firmware 2.0.361. One has 2.0.214. I can't find a place to download 2.0.361 from the website. I've heard of trouble after this firmware update. Any guidance appreciated.
  13. Check out the link on the EnGenius Help Center:
  14. Ok so I have been digging for awhile and have found all the default ips ect. Here is my problem. I first started out just fine, logged in changed my password ect. Turned it all on was working fine but i notices it was not asking me for a password to join my network. This is a ens1200 out door hot spot I am using. So I tried to log back in to see what I did, nothing. I have tried all of the ip address that have been mention and it will not let me back to the log in screen. I know this must get old for some of you but I could really use a helping hand. Thanks. I was running the ans1200 through a comcast router and maybe it has something to do with , obtain an ip address automatically, I am not sure.. But I have tried both.. Lost in space...
  15. The ECB1750 is dual band 802.11AC wireless access point. Could you please let me know as to which band you connected the chromecast (2.4GHz or 5GHz)?
  16. After installation of chromecast, it connects to wifi, it is not acceable bij phone or tablet. It works with a normal router but not wit this AP. Client Isolation is not active. Any help here? Frank
  17. Changes made to interface are displayed, but not usable. IE: Attempted to change device IP from .1 to .153. Saved changes and IP is displayed as .153 in interface. After logout, cannot login to anything other than .1. Once I login with .1 address, .153 is stlll displayed. Changed default SSID and added security The only SSID that shows up on PC's is the default Engenius SSD, with no security. Again, interface shows my new SSID but NW scan does not.... only displayes default. Config'd in lab, prior to locating outdoors. When I unplugged to closer to main switch, all previous changes listed above are lost. It appears to have a mind of its own.
  18. I just installed the EnGenius EZ Controller v3.8.2 on my laptop running Windows 10, but..... 1. After the install completed, the installation results dialog window said to check the installation log because warnings were generated. I searched for the installation log file, but could not find it. Anyone know what folder it resides in and what is the actual name of the installation log file? 2. When I click on the application's icon on my desktop to start the application, a dialog window renders immediately indicating "The NMS is already running at another instance. This instance will be shutdown." I attached a screenshot of what I am referring to. When I click the "OK" button, the application stops loading and shuts down. I tried starting the application again AFTER I turned off all the Windows 10 firewalls, but I received the same result. Does anyone know how to resolve this issue? Thank You In Advance.
  19. As advertised the ECB1750 should have 29dbm TX power. It is only going to 28, how to get 29dbm power? FW: 1.3.1 //Frank
  20. Have you tried resetting the switch and setting it up again?
  21. If after a firmware update of the switch you are unable to save settings, check out the following article from the EnGenius Help Center:
  22. Please check out the following article from the EnGenius Help Center:
  23. If you see that the Country/Region setting is greyed out, check out the following article from the EnGenius Help Center:
  24. The above answer turns out to be incorrect. A hard reset (single short reset button press) should return the unit to the saved user defaults, but a 30-second-plus reset button press (which we've been trying) should always get it back to factory defaults. Otherwise, there would be no way to reset the configuration to a known state. ngenius has asked us to return the unit to them as defective.
  25. Normally there's a fine print stated per band how many. Play safe 100 per band.
  26. Milo - thanks! - didn't know that was possible, but if that really is the case, how to get it back to factory defaults instead of the user defaults? There must be a way, otherwise people would be bricking these things right and left by forgetting their passwords, since recovery wouldn't be possible once someone saved the new password in the user defaults....
  27. most likely, the person who set it up saved the settings of the AP as user default. so that if a hard reset was done, it will revert back to the setting that they stored.
  28. I can't edit my post. anyway, I just saw the other topic you posted. Try checking under Mesh > Mesh Profile if there are entries on the fields. fill them up even if you're not using the Mesh function. At least 8 characters for the Mesh ID and Password.
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